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Cable Internet pricing continues to increase, with monthly rates going up $10 or more in recent years. But when you bundle Windstream High-Speed Internet services, you can save each month while enjoying a higher quality experience for all of your Internet entertainment and information activities.

Windstream provides seamless connection and faster speeds than dial-up connections with bundling options that help you save money while enjoying everything you use the Internet to do. As important as speed for today's Internet experience are power and agility in streaming of music, video, online games and other media, along with browsing of blogs, shopping, social media and other websites. With Windstream High-Speed Internet, you can stay connected, download faster, upload without interruption and enjoy entertainment without lagging or slowing, even when multiple people are using the Internet at the same time.

Rural High-Speed Broadband Internet

High-Speed Broadband for Hard-to-Reach Service Areas

Windstream serves many of the nation's most hard-to-reach service areas in rural and suburban communities. In these areas, customers can still enjoy fast Internet speeds starting at 3 Mbps. Speeds for Windstream High-Speed Broadband Internet in these areas can reach up to 24 Mbps. Bundled packaging combines nationwide unlimited phone calls and other services for rural and small community customers.

Windstream Internet Security

Security Is a Priority with Windstream High-Speed Internet

Windstream ensures better security for its customers through malware, hacker and virus protection provided by McAfee through the security package. Store your files in the Windstream cloud and enjoy them on all of your devices when synced through Windstream.

Windstream High Speed Internet

Connecting to Windstream High-Speed Internet is Quick and Easy

When you gain access to Windstream High-Speed Internet in your home, getting connected is quick and easy. Over 115,000 miles of networking come together to provide you with the service and speed you need for an enjoyable Internet experience. All of your devices are fully connected to the Internet on Windstream High-Speed Internet 24 hours per day and 7 days per week in your home with the support and service you need when you need it.

Choosing the Best Plan of Windstream High-Speed Internet for Your Needs

Plans available through Windstream include High-Speed Internet service suited to your personal needs. You can enjoy Standard Internet for basic online activity or Enhanced Internet for HD video streaming and more advanced use of everything the Internet offers, on all of your devices.

Standard Internet by Windstream includes 6 Mbps speed and is perfect for:

  • Email
  • General web surfing
  • Sharing information and files
  • Shopping online

Enhanced Internet includes speeds up to 25 Mbps and is great for:

  • HD video streaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Online gaming
  • Music streaming
  • Much more

Faster Internet Speeds Provide a Richer Experience

With Windstream's faster Internet speeds, your whole family can enjoy everything the Internet provides such as:

  • Streaming television shows
  • Gaming
  • Picture and movie downloads
  • Working from home
  • Video chatting
  • Software downloads
  • Much more

When you call to connect your Windstream service, ask for FREE self-installation if you would like to save $35 and install service yourself without waiting for an installation appointment.

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