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OnFire Internet is your go-to source for the very best in cable Internet for your home. Offering Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Cable Internet service, we have made shopping for your Internet provider easier than you could ever imagine. Our experienced Internet specialists have compiled the information you want and need on these top providers of cable Internet. We take the time to answer your every question, so you can compare your options and make an informed decision.

As the leading provider in 34 states, Cox Cable, Comcast and Time Warner Cable know high speed Internet. They stand out as industry leaders, not just because of the number of users, but also for the quality of service and Internet speed they deliver.

OnFire Internet Is In a Class of Its Own

OnFire Internet is proud to offer you the most comprehensive and accurate information on the top cable Internet providers where you live. We make choosing the right Internet solution easier for so many reasons.

1. We provide unbiased information.

At OnFire Internet, we believe that you can only make the best decision when you get completely unbiased information about the different cable Internet providers in your area. We offer all three services, and are intimately aware of the different plans offered by each. Because of this we can help you find the perfect solution for your Internet needs, without the high pressure sales tactics typical when you contact the provider directly.

2. We believe in transparency.

The OnFire Internet team believes that you need full disclosure when it comes to the different Internet options available to you. No one likes billing or service surprises, so our team makes sure that you get the most complete information on the options you are considering. Our trained team will share the pros and cons of each Internet service provider available at your address, because we know the plans inside out, even the fine print. We’ve taken the time to learn every aspect of service from Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Cox Cable, so we can present a comprehensive overview of everything our customers need to know.

In fact, we go out of our way to ensure that you get the most important details on the Internet plans you are considering.

  • Internet speeds
  • If data caps apply
  • The length of contracts
  • Customer service availability
  • Applicable fees for installation, activation, equipment rental, or early termination.
We want you to know what other customers are saying.

We have gathered testimonials from actual clients, so you can learn from experience just what the service you are considering is like. Our testimonials are never edited, so you can see what real people think of their Cox, Time Warner Cable and Comcast Internet service.

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