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Windstream High-Speed Internet customers can enjoy Windstream voice Home Phone service with nationwide unlimited calling, so you never have to worry about minutes, overages, dropped calls or misplaced cell phones in your home. Windstream provides convenience and a wide variety of features that allow you to customize your Home Phone experience.

Among other benefits customers are provided, you can suspend service while on vacation in order to avoid paying for phone lines you are not even home to use. There is also no additional charge to add or disconnect service for Windstream customers.

Home Phone Service

Windstream Home Phone Ensures You Are Ready for Everything

When you have Windstream Home Phone service, you are assured that a phone is nearby during a household emergency. This line is always connected, even when the power goes out due to bad weather or other causes. 911 operators and first responders are able to find your home address when it counts, through your Windstream Home Phone service. Your Home Phone service can also be used by home security companies to monitor your home and keep in contact when need arises.

Windstream Home Phone

Home Phone Service by Windstream Provides Features You Will Love

Windstream is the largest provider of Home Phone service to rural communities. At Windstream, unsolicited "telemarketing" calls are as disliked as they are in your own home. The Call Rejection feature available on our Home Phone service allows customers to block these unsolicited calls or others that are not wanted.

Call Rejection is another feature of Home Phone service, as part of which any call can be rejected with the simple pressing of one digit on the keypad. No longer do you have to suffer distracting phone ringing during quiet moments, sleep, meals or favorite television programs.

Home Phone service by Windstream also includes the much-loved features of Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Caller ID. With Call Waiting, you can accept two calls at the same time or choose which one you wish to continue when another call comes in. With Call Forwarding you can forward calls to your cell phone, work phone or anywhere else you need to accept calls while away from home.

Phone Wires

Windstream Home Phone Using Your Existing Phone and Wiring

Your existing home phone equipment, wiring, jacks and outlets can be used for your Windstream Home Phone. Through your existing equipment and wiring, Windstream provides the most reliable service for talking, alarm systems and other needs.

All Windstream Phone service includes these great features:

  • Call waiting
  • Local and direct-dialed long distance calling
  • Three way calling
  • Voicemail
  • Speed dialing
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding
  • Auto redial
  • Call return
  • Selective call forwarding
  • Incoming call blocking
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Caller ID blocking

One Flat Fee Each Month for Windstream Home Phone Service

Windstream Home Phone service is provided for one consistent and predictable monthly fee, with any required local, state and federal taxes. Only optional features are billed above this flat rate, for services like collect calls and international calling.

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